Partners in Building Legacy

Altor Realty is a privately held real estate investment company dedicated to our clients and their desire to build wealth, legacy and financial freedom.

As members of a private and extensive network of top tier, seasoned real estate professionals we have insight on markets throughout the Southeast and Midwest states where we and our colleagues have collectively purchased and re-positioned more than $100 million of real estate assets.  

Our network of private affiliates supported by our agile in-house management team powers our ability to capture new opportunities and negotiate deals swiftly. 

Let us do the hard work of finding the right investments and get you on your way to building real wealth with targeted real estate investments. 

If you have been considering direct real estate investments but didn't know how to get started, please call us.  We are happy to answer all of your questions and get you started on your real estate investment strategy.


Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

  • Investment in a tangible and finite resource
  • Diversify and reduce your exposure to the stock market
  • Hedge against inflation - rents go up in inflationary period
  • Tax write-offs from depreciation
  • Build your real estate legacy one investment at a time
  • Minimum investments starting at $50,000
  • Leverage your IRA, 401K or Roth to invest