Our Story

Rosemarie Torla  Founder & President of Altor Realty Group

Rosemarie Torla
Founder & President of Altor Realty Group

I founded Altor Realty Group in 2013 with a desire to instill in the American investor a goal to be well positioned for the financial situation that Wall Street has failed to prepare us for. Time and time again Americans are deceived and disarmed of their wealth. And from this situation, it has become clear that there is a better and safer way to build and protect one’s legacy.

My purpose is to serve and empower American investors to achieve financial stability and independence by growing, preserving and protecting their wealth through real estate.

In 2015, foreign investors purchased $68 billion worth of US real estate, up from $29 billion in 2014. What do they know that many Americans don't?  Americans must look beyond speculating in the stock market and take greater control of their finances by taking ‘stock’ in resources and assets that are plentiful, real and perpetual.

We understand that trust and confidence are earned and we have built our business around our core guiding principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. It is my greatest hope that we continue to serve our investors by educating them and providing investment opportunities that they can understand and believe in. 

Core Values

We believe honestyintegrity and transparency are key principles for developing sustainable relationships with our investors, business partners, and employees. We are driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and stay focused on our goals and our investors’ goals.